musical compositions



"Welcome to the world of fairy tales" - the opening song of the Internet broadcasts project - "Bajki Posłuchajki", 2020




Songs and music for the play for children - "Dobry Las" ("A good forest") at the "Gry i Ludzie Theater". The spectacle permier: Katowice 7.09.2013

"Żale" -  ("Regrets") vocal and electronic composition - music for movement choreography. The premiere - (without stage action, only the sound layer) "Trybuna Kompozytorów Śląskich" (tribune of the Silesian Composers) - at the Academy of Music in Katowice. Stage premiere - May 10, 1995, Theater Hall of the Academy of Music in Katowice

Two songs for children
"Baj" - to the words of E.Szelburg-Zarembina and  "I don't like going to school" - school blues - to the poem "Marzenia" (Dreams) by J.Kulmowa

 "Fughetta" - electronic music
musical composition for music choreography. The musical composition and choreography of music were presented, among others, by at AM in Katowice, AM in Trossingen